Working across industries and geographies gives us unique insight into behavior, strategies and results. Here are a few kernels of wisdom:

  • If you can’t be first in a market, then create a new market and own that space in your target’s mind.
  • Clever is good, clever is memorable, clever changes minds, but too clever consumes your message and alienates your audience.
  • Don’t limit communication channels when to mix instant with lasting, and digital with tangible, connects brands with emotions, and minds with actions.
  • Consistency is critical. If you have to be wrong, be consistently wrong. If you can’t meet the first two criteria, then make the inconsistency speak.
  • People are predictable. They make decisions in predictable ways. They search for information in predictable ways. The key is unscrambling these predictions, turning them into a measureable strategy and then evolving that strategy as your target changes.
  • Don’t tell the entire story at once. Devotion starts with tension, intrigue and image bonding. Keep your audience engaged, guessing and waiting for more.
  • The scope and immediacy of social media is unparalleled, but loyalty can be elusive as this Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest following and finicky bunch eagerly search for the newest and coolest best thing, replacing tried and tested.
  • Don't forget to ask your customers. They will tell you exactly what they want. 
  • Loyalty starts with emotion, is justified with logic, and forms an enduring bond.

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