The question everyone asks is why the name. Sorry, but we won't tell you here. We believe guessing games are fun, so we will make you guess a little longer to discover the inspiration and meaning of MadLegs Media. 

Are we intensely driven? Do we mix corporate with creative, safe with bold? Is our approach coordinated madness? Do we like creating as much as doing? Can our work ethic be described as a little mad? Can our goal be described as moving markets and minds? Do we like to be fully immersed in a client's brain? Do we run in many directions at the same time? Do we create strategies with legs? Do we stand tall? Yes, to all questions. And that’s just the MadLegs side.

The Media side is a little more straightforward. We offer the tools and strategies to communicate stories using high-tech, low-tech and even ancient methods, delivered by social media, mass media, print media and in-person. We communicate with one or thousands and in every imaginable form. We inspire. We invent. We connect. We love solving puzzles.

We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we take our work very seriously. We are ruled by logic, but governed by imagination. Endless. Boundless. Passionate. Focused. There are always at least two sides to MadLegs Media.

We invite you to learn more.