In addition to our abilities to create, launch, grow and transform brands using targeted content, sophisticated strategies and every digital and in-person platform available, we stand out because: 

  • MadLegs Media offers the collective knowledge and experience of dozens of brains with the personal touch of one, making it feel like you have permanent, full-time staff.
  • MadLegs Media approaches challenges with full immersion, looking at your brand and all influences in their entirety (not as isolated elements), before devising strategies that are both measurable and responsive.
  • MadLegs Media becomes your brand, thinking and acting like your employees, partners, customers and competition to craft meaningful and impactful stories—it's emotional engagement we're after here.
  • MadLegs Media doesn't believe in failure. When you succeed, we'll celebrate with you; when you don’t reach your goals (because every company falls flat at some point), we’ll stay up to the wee hours of night identifying reasons, devising a new strategy and running toward your new goals. 
  • MadLegs Media is a little bit mad (we call it passion) and a little bit obsessive (we call it determined) and a little bit fanatical about details (we call it just being ourselves).

Choose MadLegs Media because we are nice. We have a no ego policy which means we’ll admit mistakes, share credit, regroup if an idea is rejected and continue pushing along with a smile no matter what chaos is going on around us because that is how we are built.

We figure, what’s the point of spending most of your waking hours doing something you don’t love, that doesn’t get you fired up and doesn’t give you the high of success. We can't imagine that scenario.

Come along for the ride. Done the MadLegs way, it's fast.