Our promise to artists—that's everyone, including painter, inventor, sculptor, musician, composer, dreamer or muse—is to protect and promote your work. Many of the images on this website are MadLegs originals, others are stock photos. Where possible, we have given credit to the artist.

Some of our favourite sources for royalty-free imagery are:

These websites offer free photos, but they aren't free to the photographer who trained, purchased equipment and spent valuable time crafting these peeks into life, through their eyes. Donate generously and spread the word. If you know other sources, share those too.

The videos on our YouTube page include many copyright songs. Our excuse isn't the best one, but these projects are small, mostly for family, and there is no monetary gain. We think of it as spreading the word and supporting musicians —big, small, just starting or reviving. We are certain our video empire will grow along with our budgets. We will become film-makers, not video-hacks. And we will use this art-form to tell visually stunning stories.