A lot of noise has been made in recent months about agencies charging potential clients to pitch. We've been there. Understanding the client's needs, positioning our agency as the perfect partner, demonstrating that we're fabulous, feeling positive that our brilliant ideas will transform the client's business. And then silence. No feedback. Often no agency is even hired. It doesn't feel good and it's hugely time-consuming and expensive, not to mention the 'free' work that now sits in hands of someone who is not your client. Yes, the industry is changing and misses are unavoidable, but we're not abandoning traditional methods. We love the challenge a pitch brings. The excitement of something new and endless opportunities—a bit like a courtship. But it starts with the creative brief.


A good pitch is the result of a good brief—that part is up to you. Don't feel overwhelmed, we've created a worksheet for you. Don't feel restricted, this is just a starting point and we encourage you to embellish, elaborate and deviate.  

Creative Brief Diagram.jpg


There’s nothing brief about our goal. What we’re after is beyond the pain you think you have and more the heartbeat of your brand. We’ll start with your creative brief, then strip down the layers and start talking. Where we end up is where we’ll start your transformation. We'll interview you as much as you interview us because chemistry is important.

After the brief and our first meeting, then we'll work on the pitch.

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