This part is tricky. How do you value emotions? Do emotions actually influence behaviour? If so, then quantify it. How much of your marketing spend should be placed on emotions? The answers are ‘a lot’, ‘yes’, ‘we’re developing models to measure’ and ‘we’re developing models to measure’.

While emotions don’t fit inside traditional marketing plans with clear value calculations, they're the essence of brand equity, extending far beyond intangibles into behaviour-changing, sales-driving and business critical tools. We know with absolute certainty that the cost of not being present, delivering poor customer experiences and becoming irrelevant spell certain death for brands (and that these events happen on an emotional and often subconscious level).

Emotional connections can’t be over-manoeuvred because humans are inherently challenging creatures, full of contradictions, confirmation bias and selective memory. The human ego is also fundamentally fragile and complex, ready to shift without notice. And you thought this fluffy stuff would be easy. MadLegs Media can guide you.

Creating buzz is easy, but creating an emotional attachment so strong that it defies logic is an art.
— Mad + Legs


Don’t read this page and think that targeting emotions is an excuse for sloppy, poorly-conceived products or services—it’s not. You must first start your journey to greatness by making the best product or service in the world. Aim for awe-inspiring, game-changing excellence. If you’re not first in the market, then change the market and own that one. Make your brand beautiful, distinctive and relevant. Make innovation part of your DNA—your brand’s survival depends on it—and build a strong brand foundation. Only then should you focus on emotional engagement.

MadLegs will guide you the entire way of your brand journey—from the personality and identity to the promise and story, and from launch to growth strategies and beyond. We're in for the long haul. Inject a little MadLegs into your brand. 


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