We are a team of creatives and strategists who love words, stories, tech, sales and a challenge (and of course, working with inspiring people and brands). When creating MadLegs Media, we wanted to combine the power of an agency with the feel of a boutique to harness our unrelenting passion and intense drive for crafting wonders and inspiring awe (without limits). What that means for our clients is we’re strategic and agile, fluid and detailed, practical and whimsical. We don't believe in contradictions or fluff—just great ideas and great ways to make them work.

What you should know is that when it comes to our clients, we never turn off, we never stop pushing along, we write what we believe and we believe what we write, and we have fun doing so. Put us in front of a Fortune 500 CEO, a private equity firm, a world leader, the top beauty blogger or your nan and we will feel perfectly at ease. 

Just like the adage ‘there are two sides to every story’, there are two sides to MadLegs Media—millions, really, if we are the ones counting.

Explore our capabilities, review our portfolio, then imagine what we can do together. Shooting for the moon.