The appeal of subscription beauty boxes is undeniable—pay a small fee, receive a lot of products, fall in love with new and wondrous products, return for more. I resisted the masses for years as they professed love of Glossybox, Birchbox, Cohorted and others, but the concept, for me, never moved above a soft awe. First, I don’t need new beauty products monthly. Second, I like to be in full control. When I’m in the mood to discover new beauty treats or replace my favourites, I wait for the next Space N.K. beauty event, spend £150+ on items I select and receive a goodie bag that leaves me screaming with delight.

But that changed. Something hit my radar that I couldn’t ignore. A totally new concept with a seductive offering: £10 per month for make-up at factory costs.


Beauty Pie was born and it demanded attention. However, I had two small semantics issues to overcome before jumping in: 1. Subscription. 2. Factory. Those words felt too mechanical and forced for something as transformative as beauty. Besides, beauty isn’t manufactured, it’s enhanced.

Two discoveries quickly changed my mind: 1. The products are made in Italy and France, which won my heart. 2. Beauty Pie is founded by Maria Kilgore (the brains behind Bliss Spa, Soap & Glory and FitFlop), which won my confidence.

I’ll admit, I remained a bit apprehensive because in addition to being a beauty junkie, I’m also a beauty snob. How could a liquid eyeliner that only costs £1.50 be as good as the one I love that costs £26? Could a highlighter that only costs £3.73 be as good as the one I use that costs £40?

Still curious, I had to find out if Beauty Pie could fill my desire to buy and try makeup, but without the guilt.  It was finally time to lift my subscription beauty box embargo as intrigue turned into intent and I jumped in to Beauty Pie, starting with a three-month subscription.

My first order was about sampling. I ordered Triple Beauty Liquid Luminizer (£2.70), One Powder Wonder (£3.73), The Ten Best Natural Eyeshadow Shades (£6.77), Precision Eyeliner Marker (£1.50), Futurelipstick Matte (£2.24) and Moisture-Lock Wondergel Lip Liner (£1.50) for a whopping total of £18.44. Wow, I often spend more than that on lunch. Even the non-member prices are compelling, but what I love most about the pricing—besides how cheap everything is—is how Beauty Pie shows the exact cost of the product, packaging and VAT.


My first order arrived quickly. I was hooked the moment I opened the box, which was lined with pink tissue paper and full of shiny black boxes, almost too pretty to open. Packaging matters—both how the boxes look and how they feel. These little boxes are ones to show off. It’s clear Beauty Pie knows its customer.  


 - The One Powder Wonder lives up to its name. It looks innocent in the compact, white with a hint of opalescent, but it made my skin glow—not shiny or like I fell into a pot of highlighting cream, just radiant.

- I do love a good glow, and the Triple Beauty Liquid Luminizer did the trick. I tried it mixed with my tinted moisturiser one day and then applied it directly to my cheeks, nose and forehead the second day. The texture is creamy, easy to spread and not too shimmery.

- For someone who has the thinnest lips and rarely wears lipstick, you’d think I’d save my money, but I have a sickness when it comes to lipstick. Every handbag has at least one lipstick and lipliner (all different versions of the same shade). I tried the Futurelipstick Matte and am in love with the texture. Some matte lipsticks look flat and dry, but not this one. It glides on easily and stays put (even on thin lips).

- The eyeshadows are equally as impressive. The colours are rich, don’t flake and are easy to intensify. To my surprise, my eyeshadow even stayed in place during a one-hour cardio session. The pallete contains 10 different shades, so I’m still playing around with which ones I like best.

- Although I like the Precision Eyeliner Marker, the black isn’t black enough for my preference and it wore off mid-day. That said, at £1.50 vs £26 for my By Terry favourite, I think I can happily reapply throughout the day.


I’m amazed at how my make-up wants started conservatively and quickly transformed into a long list of needs, banishing the beauty junkie snob in me. I got a big high from a little price, with no guilt attached, so I’m addicted. Thank you Beauty Pie.

What will I buy next? That’s easy. Futurlipstick Satin in Loveberry, Superglazy Lip Gloss in Hello Petal, The Ten Best Smoky Eyeshadow Shades, Superbrow Precision Pencil in Blonde Girl and Smart Powder Blush in Daydreamer. And I’m just getting started.   

There’s a rumour skincare is coming, which I’ll eagerly try, and I’m sure Beauty Pie will add hair, nails and more accessories to their collection.

Beauty Pie has rightfully earned another beauty junkie fan in me.

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