Words have power. If you find the right balance to evoke emotion and make a moment hang for longer than a faint whisper, then you are closer to creating brand recognition and loyalty. Some of our favourite words:

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Like fashion, music and any other artistic pursuit, words evolve and can often transcend into defining an entire time period.

Language Monitor watches and records these word trends (or wordolutions – our term, not theirs). Their findings include:

  • Google and Twitter are expected inclusions on the list.
  • If you remember the early naughts (or 00s as many 40-somethings say), Global Warming is equally as expected.
  • After many years spent at J.P. Morgan on the trading floor (not trading), I remember the sudden flurry of questions from family members and friends about derivatives (#6 on the Language Monitor list).
  • Do you remember the much hyped and feared Y2K problem that happily failed to meet the dreaded predictions (#14 on their list)?
  • Many words on this list relate to politics: Obama, bailout, subprime, chad, WMD and surge.

Which words will stick around for the next decade? Which will fade into the back of our minds and then history books?

What are the next big trend words?

click here to read the language monitor report

click here to read the telegraph summary 

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We predict ENGAGE to become the ‘it’ word of 2013 and beyond

ENGAGE is a great word that captures the struggle for balance most companies are facing in the rush to adopt all things social.  It’s ironic that while social media makes us more connected, it really makes us more distant. There is nothing ‘social’ about social media. We don’t touch and feel. We don’t savour. We demand instant, immediate, easy. We eagerly discover and share, but quickly discard for the next big ‘it’.

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To ENGAGE your target audience is to CONNECT. To CONNECT is to create LOYALTY. …In LOYALTY, brands find SUCCESS...or so the thinking goes.